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Wolf Goes Lhotse on Tour

Since my successful climb of Lhotse, it's been very quiet on my blog. We might say I was experiencing mountain blues. Accepting being proud of my achievement and myself. Processing all those inputs and emotions of two months of mountain life. Reviewing more than 3000 pictures and over 100 movie clips. But more important looking for that new Everest. And here we I am, ready to tell my story to the world, inspiring people to do extraordinary things and motivating people to start climbing their own Everest. 

Packing again

Packing: the most stressful moment of every expedition. What do I take? What do I need? Do I have everything? Will I have overweight? 

All those questions go through your mind.  All those months of reading and checking things out. Less weight - more quality. I never make a checklist, I see it as it comes along. In general it takes a few weeks to gather all the stuffs. And than starts the ordering and reordering the chaos into the climbing and trekking bags.


Winter Atlas We did it!

Last week I spend together with 2 friends a week in the Atlas mountains,Morocco. The aim: checking out my physical condition, doing some gear tests, getting that snow feeling again and acclimatize to the altitude and doing as much summits as possible. It was a huge succes. Not only the weather was perfect and there was enough snow but I also had great company. Thanks, Filip and David, for the wonderful experience. Summit succes was awesome: average 6 summits each in 4 days. Speaking of summit succes. Wolf happy and ready for the big boy Lhotse. 

I've picked my mountain

Today I made this weeks highest drop on StuBru radio. Check out the Wolf News section in a few days. I was able to tell my story and to   make an announcement. Finally I've picked my mountain. In fact I choose it already back in 2011 standing on the summit of Baruntse and untill now I was just a dream. But if can dream you can do it. On the 6th of april 2017 I will leave for Nepal and make an attempt on Lhotse 8516m, the worlds fourth highest mountain. 

Ottobock Science Center - Berlin

Last week I was in Berlin and I had the opportunity to visit the Ottobock Science center. With this building Ottobock is linking the past to the future. The company was founded in Berlin in 1919 and returned to its roots. The façade of the building has an eye-catching design and is based on the structure of muscle fibres. On the outside with its 15 moving dots the Walker represents the way we humans move and how this is influenced by gender, mood and stress.

It's not some old fluffy exhibition, but it's fun and educational. It's an exciting journey of discovery of nature and technology.

Thank you Ottobock and thank you Janin for the wunderbar tour. I really enjoyed it. Proud to be an Ottobock ambassador. Ottobock gave me my life back.

First Race

About 5,5 years after my last official race I'm airborne again. Considering the circumstances I finished in a rather good time halfway the pack.

Thank you Ottobock for giving me my Life back.

Old and New

My old orthosis gave me mobilty but my Walk on Flex gives me freedom. It's light, strong, comfortable and it takes me anywhere I want to go, what more do you want.

Thank you Ottobock for giving me my life back. 

Support ShangrilaHome

During the "Warmste Week" please support Shangrila Home in Nepal.

Shangrila Home is a non-profit-association legally registered in Belgium as well as in Nepal, which through local counterpart ‘Kids Shangrila Home’ and supervised by Wim De Becker and Dinesh Bhandari, has implemented several projects for underprivileged and marginalized children. They are offered shelter, food, medical care and education with the mission of rehabilitating them and reintegrating them into society. In all programs, the focus is on education, be it long-term or short-term, academic or vocational, formal or informal. Your contribution makes a difference. http://www.shangrilahome.org

Proud to be an Ottobock Ambassador

The partnership between Ottobock and me was, I believe for both sides, an easy decision.  Sharing the same philosophy helps. Inspiring people to always pursue their dreams, no matter how small they might be, is something we have in common. Ottobock gave me my life back and made me dream bigger.  

From the first minute I felt welcome and part of the big Ottobock family. So proud they choose me to become one of their ambassadors.

Ottobock Moves - Train Hard but Wise

On my way to the summit