Attaviros - Rhodos

Measuring 1215 meters Attaviros is the highest Mountain on Rhodos.  The hike starts at Embona. On the road from Embona to Siana about 15 walking minutes after the town limit a partly surfaced road leads to the left into the grapevines. In fact the first vines you come across. This path ends after 50 minutes at an abandonned house. Before you reach the house go right through and old gate and follow the path an old rag in a tree marks the path untill you reach a fence wich you can climb with a ladder.  Follow this path which winds up the mountain through a loose rock gulley and is clearly marked with red dots and stone pyramids. At some point the path crosses to the left the through the loose rock and the markings stop and at this point I continued straight up the mountain unill I reached a steep cliff face which I circumvented to the left by scrambling from platfrom to platform untill finally reaching the summit. On my way down I found  a path marked by stonemen which took my right back to the path I left in the morning.  I did this in 2,5 hours up and down. It's no family hike and something for the more adventurous but a good alternative to get away from the swimming pool and beach for those who cannot sit still.

Another and easier path starts at Agios Isidoros and is signposted with the Greec signs "Archi Monopati". In about 3 hours the paths takes without any steep climbs to the top of the Attaviros while underway you can rest on the shady rest areas.