Everybody's Everest

Sunset over the Caucasus

Will I ever climb Mount Everest?

Most probably not, too expensive and too commercial.

Then why did I name the website ClimbEverest, you may ask ?


Every defiance, no matter what can be someone's Everest. It doesn't matter how big this endeavor is. There is a challenge in everything, even in the smallest step, the smallest distance, the smallest  hill. Conquering your own Everest means setting your goal towards a new challenge : a new Everest. 


My Own Everest  started in August 2009 by Climbing Mont Blanc (4810m).

The following year I summited Elbrus West summit (5642 m) via the North side as first Belgian ever.

Next  were Mera North Peak  (6476m) summited 25 october 2011 at 06:40 and Baruntse as First Belgian ever  (7152m) summited 3 november 2011 at 11:30 both in Nepal.

In 2013 I climbed Cerro Chirripo (3850 m) the highest mountain of Costa Rica and Central America and the Mont Ventoux (1912 m) in France.

In 2014 I conquered Salak Phet (744 m) the highest peak on Koh Chang Island, Thailand and my awakening. 

In 2015 I climbed the Dreiländerspitze (3197 m) Austria and the start of a new beginning. Four weeks later I set off to Nepal to climb "The Big Black" Makalu (8436m). On 25 april a major earthquake struck Nepal and put a halt on all climbing. 

In march 2017 I summited six peaks in the High Atlas: among which Toubkal (4167 m).

19 may 2017 at 08:55 I stood on top of Lhotse (8516 m) and so fulfilling my dream.



I went from 3000 to 4000 to 5000 to 6000 to 7000 to 8000. 

Does this mean that I have to look for a new hobby now?

Not at all, a lot more mountains are waiting to be conquered. Every mountain is a challenge even the smallest hill.

My next challenge climbing Kilimanjaro with people who are experiencing a chronic decease or are having a physical disability. I'm looking for partners who can help me in setting up this challenge.



Are you looking for a motivational speaker? 


I will take you on a long journey. From physical and mental setbacks, to victories. From doctor's waiting rooms, over doing sports with a disability, up to the summit of Lhotse, 8516 meters high. I will tell you about the importance of dreams, believing in yourself and in your goals, the journey to and the joy of reaching the summit. About that Everest, which is different for everyone, but oh so important. Enjoy the trailer.

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