This weekend I went together with my friends and fellow expedition members Sofie and Stef to Silvretta, Austria for what was going to be my ultimate test, the end of my rehab. It should become the confirmation of all those months of hard labour and the conclusion of 3,5 years of rehab. Hundreds of questions flashed through my head. Mostly would I's and could I's. But I wasn't nervous at all because I was going back to my beloved mountains. At my first step on the snow covered lake  I knew I was back home.  Our goal the Dreiländerspitze, Silvretta. Our trip had everything from carrying heavy loads, long walks, climbing with snowshoes, climbing with crampons and ridge climbing. It turned out te be a real test. Not only physically but also mentally. And yes I succeeded the test by summiting at 3197 meters. Thank you Yak and Bergmaus for leading me to the summit. You could not have given me a nicer present.  Yet another Everest  I conquered and now on to the next one. I can I will I do.