Wolf is Back in Business

Today was D-day: my second cardiopulmonary exercise test @ Adlon in Hasselt. All expectations were fullfilled. I improved in any possible way: power increase, VO2 max increase, lactate decrease, P1 and P2 increase. It couldn't be more perfect for me. All the hard training of the last 7 weeks payed off. Again proof that with the right support and framework anything is possible. Thank you Bert Op 't Eijnde and Stef "Yak" Maginelle. I'm so happy: Wolf is back in business.  But as always there is room for improvement. In the high heart rate regions lactation levels still have to decrease.  As from Monday training is back on but from now the fun starts and it has a higher goal: a very high goal.

Some attentive readers should already know what I am about to reveal. It has been in the air for some time but after this test it's official. I will be the eightest member of the Makalu2015expedition. An expedition to, with its 8463 meters, the fifth highest mountain of the world. The Makalu section on this page will be online in the coming days.

All details about this expedition can be found on  http://www.makalu2015expedition.com