Nepal Day 2

Namaste everyone first dispatch from Nepal. I had a great flight in with no delays and all my gear arrived safely and together with me in hot Kathmandu (28), short KTM.  I checked in into the Bejing hotel a basic hotel next to the summittrek office and not far from Thamel shopping area. I have a clean bed, clean towels and a hot shower and a tv with only chinese channels and thats about it. KTM is a very lively city, traffic is a jungle and everyone seems to have this urge to honk their horn, a bit like Kinshasa but cleaner.  Friendly people and very safe city.  Today I went shopping and bought my downsuit in orange and my sleepingmats.  I already packed my bags into a stay bag, a trek bag, a climbing bag and my rugzak. Tomorow we will head out to the mountains of wich I had my first view from the plane on my way in to KTM, magnificent. So tomorow 5 o' clock nepalese time we leave for the airport but we do not know at what time we will arrive at Lukla. This is Nepal we will see but in the end everything will work out fine.

The Summitclimb dispatch is also active on  .  Today foto's on the dispatch are mine taken during the group meeting this morning in the Kohinoor Inn Hotel.


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