One week

One week to the 20 km event in Brussels. In the last few weeks I increased my trainingefforts dramatically with longer endurance runs and longer bikerides combined with intervaltraining. Today last long endurancerun before the race. The last but certainly not the least. On my favorite trainingturf in Wezemaal, hilly terrain,  just perfect.  As from tommorow relative rest; a few 5 km runs and friday a small interval training and that will be it. To my collegues from Eindhoven who will be running in Brussels as well. Stay safe, no injuries and CU on sunday.

On Everest summit succes for Linden Mallory my guide on Elbru. He  made it to the summit  and safely back down as did Alan Arnette on his Alzheimer seven summit attempt. Congratz to both climbers!!

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    katrien (woensdag, 25 mei 2011 11:36)

    my fingers are crossed for Sunday :-)