Training Continues

At first I didn't want to accept that my injury was really bad and that I needed to rest. I even tried to run but I didn't make it far, 300 meters and I was forced to turn back due to the extreme pain in my foot. I also got the advice from Stef, a former Everest summiteer and physiotherapist,  not to run at all as it would only slow down the healing proces. He also gave me alternative ways to train. One of his favorites is stepping with a full backpack, according to him his ultimate preparation and it will become one of mine as well. My other way of training is riding on my brandnew mountainbike. Thank You Flor, it is a super bike!!!! So dispite the injury training continued. It's been two weeks now and the pain in my foot disappeared and I even get temped to put those running shoes back on.  It's stronger than myself.