Day minus 1

Only 1 day to go. Time went by fast the last few weeks. I' ve been very busy too but most of all I've been looking forward to this day. Today I will pack all my stuff  (20 kg) in my 150 liter duffel  bag. It will be try and error to get it all in. Wh dowe need all this stuff and then I limited myself only to he basics. I will try to save as much weight as possible.  I will wear my climbing boots in stead of packing them.  I will put as much as I can in my hand luggage.  In stead of two climbing pants only 1 etc.

Sunday I did my last training session. It was an 8 km race in Haacht and I came in 28th overall but I was 15th in the Masters category. So the physical condition is good. The rest of the week I took time to rest. I will need it the following weeks.

I will try to blog from Moscow, Terskol and St Peterburg but no promisses.

One last thing to all my friends, relatives and to my collegues in Eindhoven: I'LL BE BACK!!!!!!

Via the daily dispatches on the  RMI website you can follow us through the climb .  RMI

The read all about the climb:  Elbus Climb Itinerary


See you all soon and climb on