VISA Russia

Less than 50 days on the counter to Elbrus and I started my Visa application procedure.  Honestly this will be my second try. Last Week I tried already but after 2,5 of queuing outside in the blistering sun, and yes it was hot that day and on top of that my application was refused because I had do my application in Brussels and not in Antwerp. All depends on where you live apparently.  But it was also refused on  ground of my passporttype. So tomorrow I will head to Brusels and try again. Well I will go to the Visarusse agency un Ukkel and they will do it for me. I just hand them the necessary paperwork and they to the rest for me. Of course not for free. It will cost me 65 euro iso 35 euros.  I gladly pay the extra money for not having to queue twice. I hate queuing.

Fingers crossed tomorow !!

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