Training training

The last 5 weeks everything has been in function of one goal and one goal only. Next week I'll be performing my second cardiopulmonary exercise test at ADLON in two months. The results of the first test in december where not disappointing and after two years of standstill even encouraging but there is room for improvement. After the test I was sent home with training advice that my fysio Stef Yak Maginelle transformed into a training program. The focus will be put on flattening the lactate curve as the gain in VO2max will be minimal. The aim of the training was mainly to boost the training volume where we gradually increased training sessions up to 3 hours daily and up to 600 minutes weekly. The sessions were set up around three pillars: endurance, strength and core stability. This meant doing 4 training blocks per week, what seen my illness and disability was more than enough.  Not to risk any relapse, it was key to build in enough recovery moments.  Upcoming days I will rest and have some quality time.