I'm Back

After a 2 years' absence I'm back. It hasn't been easy the last few years. An illness kept me from doing the thing I liked the most: climbing. In 2011 I was diagnosed with Lyme disease or   Neuroborreliosis and since my physical condition and mental health with it, went downhill. My life has been with a lot of ups and downs.  But slowly I'm turning the page. I'm learning to live with my shortcomings, adapting, rearranging but also and that may be the hardest part, convincing others that I'm no longer capable of doing everything I did before. Every day I work hard on a comeback.  Family, friends and fellow climbers give me the necessary positive energy to pursue my dream : being on the summit of an 8000 meter peak. For most a crazy idea, for me a goal : my own Mount Everest. This goal kept me going and keeps me going on my road to recovery. Whether working out in the gym, riding my bike, sweating on the treadmill, being tortured by my physiotherapist and my exercise physiologist ;-)  every day I grow closer to my goal whilst increasing my strength, endurance, stamina and tenacity. 


I would like to thank  BVLB "Bergsport Vlaams Brabant" for the support.