381 days

Only 381 days to the start of our next expedition. Our team has taken shape : 5 flemish climbers will attack  two 8000 meter peaks. All members started their individual physical en mental preparation.

Meanwhile we all try to find partners that are willing to support us. We contacted a lot of belgian based companies but only few responded, most of them didn't even have the decency to respond and I'm not talking about the small companies. Yes I know it sounds like the blog of a frustated fundraiser. But I'm fed up of getting those standard answers on our sponsor requests. I could make a whole blog quoting those stupid answers and some are really hilarious. The most used excuse is "no budget" while those same companies are waisting millions of euro's on the olympic games in London knowing that we are lobbying for merely 50.000 euros and that's our total budget.

But then again there's hope,  there's always hope. We do have people who believe in us, Adidas Eyewear, De Meuter, The BVlB and Life!TV and I'm sure there will be others that will come along.

One thing is sure we are going to climb those mountains with or without sponsors. We will have fun and enjoy it.

Our first challenge together as a team will be climbing the Mont Blanc. For some of us it will be a first for others it will be routine.  But hell we will have fun up there.  Up there where we all feel at home, in snow and ice.

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