Yesterday we had our second and important meeting and I'm happy and proud to announce that the Belgian Gasherbrum experdition is a fact.  ONE TEAm ONE GOAL 2 X 8000 meters.  We set the challenge high. 6 likeminded climbers will attempt to conquer two 8000 meter giants during One exepedtion. For this purpose we have chosen Gasherbrum I and II in the Karakorum  Pakistan. This double has never been done by any Belgian climber and we even wonder if it has been done at all. So anyhow we will be in for a first. I can't tell you much yet about the other teammembers but know that I will be one. 

A new goal has been set. Now I know again what I will be training for.

Soon a special website dedicated to our expedition will be on line. I will keep you posted.