100 Days

outdoor research alti mitts

Only 100 days or 3 months before I leave for Nepal. Last straight line in the preparation for this new adventure. The basis of my physical condition has been set and now it is crucial in maintaining it at this level.  In the next months I will focus on increasing upperbody and legs muscle strength and on maintaining endurance.

I bought some new gear too. I ordered the Outdoor Research Alti mitts. These altitude-oriented mitts provide warmth while keeping weight and bulk to a minimum. The waterproof shells have thick fleece on the palms and synthetic insulation on the back of the hand. The removable liners have the same fleece and loft combination. The fleece provides crush resistant warmth and a secure grip, while the synthetic insulation offers compressible warmth. Leather palms give you a solid connection with your gear in all conditions. These gloves receive a lot of good critics and are recommended by several Himalaya outfitters.  Probably the wamest love on the market. I hope they will keep my fingers warm cause untill now I haven't find a sinle glove in which my fingers stay warm all the way. I surely hope these will do the trick.

Today I ordered my downsuit at Everest Hard Wear in Kathmandu.  This shop is a local manufacturer of downsuites, jackets, sleeping bags.  The nice thing is that everything is custom made and not the standards sizes as in major brands.  I mailed them my body measurements and on basis of that they will make me my own downsuit in the colour that I want. The day I arrive in KTM my downsuite will be ready. They need about 3 days to manufacture a downsuite. So when  you have 3 days in KTM  and you need one you can order it there. The quality is 100% reliable.  I am not the first to buy an Everest Hard Wear suit and to climb Nepals High Mountains. Other advantage is the price, it costs less than 50 % of the price you would  pay for a major brand.

 Ang Sonam Sherpa at: angsonamsherpa@yahoo.com Phone: Tel: +977 1 4230399, Cell: +977 98510-45706




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