Good Progress

Still training hard and still injury free not taken into account the normal aches that come with intensive workouts.  My physical condition is progressing, and I hope it keeps on progressing. I am the right track.  I am doinf a combined training of biking and running, every other day. This is the first year that I am iking this much. Untill now I mainly  focused on running but I found out that for me the run/bile combination seems to work best and it offers a lot of variation in training.  Thanks to the good weather setting in, I am also adding long hikes with a heavy pack and some rock climbing to the program. On rainy days I go the the gym to work on my upperbody and legs muscles. So always busy.

On Everest climbers are  settled into basecamp and are acclimatising with climbs through the Khumbu Icefall or are climbing on neighbouring peaks before attacking Big E. Meanwhile the Sherpa's already fixed the route up to camp 2.

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    Gianni (dinsdag, 10 juli 2012 18:12)

    Great info, thanks