Why do I Climb?

This is by far one the most asked questions: Why do you climb? There no single answer to this question. I climb for a multitude of reasons. One for sure is because I like it. In the mountains I feel myself good, free, at ease, relaxed.  Of course I climb to reach the summit but that's not the main goal. I climb to discover, to travel. I climb to test myself, to see how far I can go, it's a challenge. Climbing is making friends and trusting each other.  Climbing is so much.

Do I ever yhink about the dangers? Of course I do, every climber should, but they don't scare me. A lot can be avoided by taking precautions, but as always shit can happen, that's life but we all hope it doesn't. Mountains are still a beautifull but wild and hostile environment. We all die one day but I' d rather die there then at home in bed.



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    herve leger dress (donderdag, 08 september 2011 05:23)

    Your Blog is very good, I like it! Thank you for you sharing!

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    Pete (woensdag, 18 juli 2012)

    nice post