Kili and/or Mount Kenya

Team RMI summit Elburs 5 Sep 2010
Summit Elbrus 5 Sep 2010

I know for sur that next year in march I will tackle my next mountain on the list: Kilimanjaro in Tanzania but maybe I will have a try on Mount Kenya as well. This is Africa's second highest mountain and for that it figures on the more difficult second highest list.  Mt Kenya with its 5100 m does not seem to be a challenge but it  is technically much more difficult then Kili.  I didn't decide yet but I am seriously considering it.  First Kili and then well acclimatised  on to Mt Kenya. Therefore preparation continues with the usual routine of biking, running and power training.

Thank you Jeff  for taking the initaive of posting your pics. I and I saw Linden too followed your example. I hope the others will too. Climb on!!!!

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