Getting ready for the next one

I just recoverd from the Elbrus climb and thinking already about the next one., maybe even two. Kilimanjaro will be for sure but maybe I will add Mt Kenya as well. Kili should not be a prolem, Mt Kenya is lower but technically more difficult but doable. But we will see about this. Nothing decided yet. But Kili for sure!!!! Yesterday started the lowland training again. I started out slowly. I went to the gym and biked for about 45 minutes. The whole cardio vascular training starts all over. Today the weather was very nice and I went for a 40 minute endurance run in Hofstade.  Hofstade is great for running. There's trees, water beach, love it.

I've added in the picture gallery some foto's of the Elbrus North side climb, ckeck them out and enjoy!!!

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