13 days and counting

Just over 13 days now. I'm already starting to get nervous and so are some other members of our team. Just got word today from Linden one of our guides who just came back from the southside of Elbrus and is now staying in Moscow. He reported that had a good look on our route and it looks great. He hopes for good weather and everthing should go ok. He also reported that Moscow is now smoke free. The wind picked up and has turned and blew all the smoke out of the city. So anything but good news.  All my gear is ready to be packed, just a few minor details are missing. Physical condition is still improving and no injuries. So all is A OK.

The climb can be followed via several blogs. There will be a daily dispatch through the RMI website by Linden or Jeff the guides. Another blog will be by  a teammember Tom Fabbri who will give live updates via his satphone. I will put both links in the Elbrus Climb Itinerary section of my website.

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