No way back

There no way back now. Only 18 days to the start of the Elbrus climb. I started preparing my gear today. Sorting everything out, checking everything, making sure I have everything. I sure hopes it all fits in my Duffel bag. It seems a lot and then I limted myself to the strict minimum.  My physical condition is OK. Thursday I did with my collegue Bruno a 14 km run, we started at 5:20 per km and gradually accelated to 4:20 per km and I felt that I had still some reserve left. This week I will train very intensively for the last time; then only some jogging, power training and lots of rest.

Only August 22 I will go deep during the yearly Haachtse Stratenloop. Can't miss this in my home town.  You have the choice between 4,8 and 16 km on a flat course all tarmac. Find out more on .


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