Glacier du Tour

As the weather wasn't  to good in Belgium and we had still a few vacation days left we packed our bags and set off to my beloved Chamonix. And yes the weather was good and the Mountain looked great. It was a family trip so the difficulty was not that high and we sticked to moutain hikes as my 7 year old daughter was with us and she performed extremely well and most importantly she liked it. A future mountaineer in he making, we will see!!! But anyhow It was good practise to be back in the mountains, carrying a heavy backpack, feeling and using my gear, sniffing that mountain air, HOME!!!

1 day I ventured alone  into the mountains and the rest of the family stayed safely behind in the valley. I went to the Refuge Albert 1 at 2700 meters (named after our former Belgian King and pioneer mountaineer  Abert I) and from there on to the glacier du tour. And of course that day the weather did not stay good and as you can see on the picture, behind me the weather was suddenly collapsing and on my way down from the glacier the clouds overtook me and I found myself in a snow and hail storm. Luckely I could shelter in the refuge waiting for a break in the weather to continue my furter descent. Important lesson to stay vigilant in the high mountains I spend to little

 time on the glacier but anyhow I got to feel the ice below my crampons and that was the aim.

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