Sleeping Bag

The North Face Solar Flare

Last week I bought a new sleeping bag. After a thourough scan of the market I finally choose the North Face Solar Flare . I already tried it out but with the nice weather we are experiencing now it is too hot to fully test it.  I had to open the zipper completely in order not to overheat. I bought it at "De Berghut" in Hamme. Great place. You can buy either in the store or order online. Enormous selection and excellent pricing. The solar flare looks and feels like a great sleeping bag. It packs relatively small seen its size and is not that heavy either  just over 1,9 Kg. Not bad for a 800+ goose down fill. Hopefully it will get me though the terrible cold nights on the Elbrus slopes.

I need to thank all my sponsors who helped me finance this not so cheap sleeping bag but it's worth all the money. Thank mom and dad and Jenna.

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