Krefel sucks

This to say it in the words or Rainman : Krefel sucks.

Today was my birthday; I became 43 and my familly gave me a nintendo DS Lite as present. So they thought. Turned ou they bought without knowing a Nintendo DSI. In fact asked for a DS but the salesman sold them the DSI without telling. You may think now so what;  but for me it is a big diffrence. For one it's about the principle. If a client wants a particular model don't sell him something else without informing the client. Secondly,the Dsi does not allow to use my M3 DS real card and the DS Lite doest. So we returned to the Krefel shop with the unopened box claiming to change it to a DS lite or a refund. They hadn't the DS lite and refused to refund but they wanted to give us a voucher valid for a year. What kind of store is this. Is this how you threat your custumors.  Meanwhile I heard simular stories from other people. One advise do not buy at Krefel.

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