Hot Hotter Hottest

Extreme good weather we had for the time of the year in last four days.  Nice sunny weather  but almost to hot for training. Today I did an endurance run of 16 km, the last before the race on sunday, and at one point temperatures reached 34°C. I hope that on sunday it will be a lot cooler. All in all I had positive training and ran since friday 45 km.

Happy Birthday mom and dad. They both became 65 and are officially pensioned. Saturday they had a small party with us and their friends. We went to  "La table d' hôtes" in Zepperen". If you want to have a good time enjoy good food and nice wine then you surely have to go there.

Everest saw a lot of summits in the last few days dispite heavy winds and blowing snow. A few teams are still in the high camp waiting for better weather. Tonight the RMI team will have a summit bid. I wish them all the best. Climb on guys.

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