Knee troubles

My knee is not good. Last week I ran the challenge Gailly in Eupen and since then I have this pain just below my right knee.  It's very bizar only certain movements hurts. Like during the Ninglingspo walk ; I felt this nagging pain in the begining but it disappeared once I was warmed up.  Sunday I did an endurance run of 14 km and had slight pain in the begining of my run.  But walking up stairs hurts like hell and when I sat down for a long period and get up  its like putting a thousand needles in my knee.

But I doesn't keep me frim training. I just adapt my training. So today I went to the gym and did some biking. Rotated at a nice steady pace for about 45 minutes. (28km/hr).  taking care not to force to much on the knee.

Congratulations to all Everest summiteers in the last days. Climbers areboth on North and South heading up the mountain for the next weather windwo predicted between 22 and 24 may.

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