Cold and Rain

It's exceptionally cold for the moth of may. It has never been this cold on the 11 may. But nothing can keep me from training. Even running in the rain and the cold is good practise. It build's stamina. Today I trained with my collegue Evert with whom I also will ru the 20 km of Brussels. We had an easy workout. We did a 4 km run in a 6 min/km pace followed by 10x 100m in 23 seconds and 2 km cooldown. We spared ouself  as tomorrow we have a big run. We're both participating in an run event called the Challenge Gailly.  It's a team competition, staged in Eupen and each team has to run 4 x 8,6 km on a very hilly terrain. It's hard but big fun.

On Everest the waiting game is still on. Some small team are heading up the mountain hoping the weather clear up in the next day but most of the teams are still down in the valley.

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